kevlar and UV

So I am trying to decide on whether or not to get a kevlar kayak versu fiberglass. My concern is that kelvar does degrade when exposed to UV, and while the kayak has a gel coat the inside does not. So potentially over time the kevlar could degrade and result in the boat weakening.

From what I have read kevlar is great at keeping a kayak together in the event of a catastprophic accident, but other wise is not much bettter than fiberglass for minor impacts. I will be using it in the Gulf of Mexico and in the Everglades.

All comments welcome-Thanks

Kevlar is not that susceptible to UV.
And the amount of UV hitting the inside through the cockpit is nothing to worry about.

As for impacts, for Gulf use, fiberglass is just fine, if you can heft the extra weight. Kevlar inside (NOT as the outer layer of the boat) is much better for all degrees of impact on rocky shores and in whitewater. Standard construction for a long-lasting composite practice slalom kayak is S-glass outside, Kevlar inside. Light, stiff, and very impact resistant.