kevlar canoe/graphite paddle repair

Just picked up a 1987 Jensen Mixer race canoe and 3 wenonah bent shaft maxcraft paddles. The canoe needs a hole patched on the side towards the bow and the paddles need tip repair. Fiberglass/Epoxy ok for this kind of repair?


Fiberglass is better for repairing the
exterior of canoes, because it has good compression strength and wears smooth. Kevlar is preferred for the inside of a repair (if needed) because of its strong resistance to tearing when under tension. Kevlar is mediocre for exterior patches, and fuzzes badly when worn.

Epoxy should be thin so it soaks readily into the repair cloth. West, System 3, MAS, others provide thin epoxies.

Let us know if you have specific questions about the boat repair.

Paddle Repair
g2d is eight on on the boat repair. The same applies to the paddle except that you’ll probably use lighter cloth for the paddle.

Although 6 oz is probably the most common for boat work, 4 oz is generally adequate for paddle repairs.

Marc Ornstein

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