Kevlar Canoe Maintenance

Hi, and as always, thanks in advance. I store both my boats outside under a Danuu cover here in the Garden State (yes, New Jersey). They are both Kevlar with a gel coat, wood gunwales etc, and cane seats. In the spring I hose them off and clean them with Murphy’s Oil soap. After they dry I sand/oil the wood and spray the the non wood parts down with 303 and hand buff. My question is: should I use marine fiberglass products like soaps and gel coat treatments to clean and care for the non wood parts? The 303 seems to do a good job on the gel coat (1 boat is a deep red) but the boats are only 2 years old so I am looking at very long term care.

I would keep right on doing…
exactly what you are doing.

There is no need to spend the big bucks for marine grade stuff.

jack L

I agree.
keep on as you are.

3M’s super yacht wax lasts longer than
303, and may therefore not be much pricier.