Kevlar canoe question twin keels?

A freind of mine says he is looking at a (twin keel?)

kevlar canoe from Canada. He is not too sure on who makes it, although Clipper sounded familiar to him He says it weighs about 42 lbs. Any idea what the heck he is talking about?

Like looking for one brown dog
in a kennel full of them. There are several Canadian manufacturers…Souris River, Scott, Bluewater, Novacraft, Clipper, Hellman Esquif.

Since all have multiple models and most use Kevlar its a crapshoot as to which 42 lb boat he is talking about. I have only seen keels on Scott fiberglass boats. Not saying they arent on others but most of the above do not use keels.

I am trying to figure out how you would put keels on a Kevlar boat…much less just why .

Suggest he leave it alone. One keel
is bad, two are worse.

That is my
feeling also. I have no idea where Sal came up with this one. I was steering him toward an Escapade.

I had forgotten about Scott canoes.

You need to lay off that Yuengling …
Charlie !

When you start seeing twin keels on a canoe your in trouble.



Could it be
reinforcing stringers on the inside that he’s calling “keels”?

Seen it on ebay
My guess, it’s one of these…|66%3A2|39%3A1|72%3A1205|293%3A1|294%3A50

Could be
If its a Prospector Algonquin by Beach Marine its also sold under the Holy Cow label.

Good point, though such stringers are
rarely part of a good construction plan.

Does your friend
know what a “keel” is?

Lets see - confusing keel with thwart, rib, stem, end…I really believe that this is a terminology problem.


Nice guy
but no matter how I tr to lead him to the path of Rightousness he still keeps looking at a dude of a canoe