Kevlar Canoe questions

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I've started getting into canoeing a fair bit more this year and have wanted to upgrade from the old Misty River aluminum canoe. I recently went to an police auction and to my suprise there was a kevlar canoe up on the block. I checked it over and it was in great shape. Anyways long story short I had picked it up for very cheap (only one other person bidding that didn't really want it) and now have it in my garage. It is an 18' Sawyer and I can't find any information on this canoe.

Now for the questions:
How does one go about refinishing kevlar? Its got the basic wear and tear, but no real damage.
Can anyone give me any info on Sawyer?

Going by the reviews on this site I have either an Outrage or Guide Special... just going by the the lengths



The Legend is also in that length range,
but it is only 10" deep and shaped like a racer.

Give full specs (length, width, depth, etc) of your Sawyer canoe and will try to match it to the correct model.

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Its 36" wide, as for the depth, I’ll have to check that when I get home

You are very lucky,
in that you probably have an Outrage. I had one for about 12 years, and foolishly sold it to buy a royalex canoe. Mine did not have a gelcoat, and I could see the mixture of kevlar and fiberglass(goldenglass, as it was called). It is a very pleasurable canoe to paddle, with good cruising speed and overall stability. If it’s in great shape, I wouldn’t mess with the finish, other than to use marine wax and/or a uv sunshine protector on it. Enjoy it! If you for some reason don’t enjoy paddling all that much, sell it in the pnet classified ads, and you’ll make some money. mickjetblue

thank you
Awesome, thanks for the promt resonses guys. I’ll look into getting some wax uv protection.



Check out…

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Sawyer Canoes, Inc.
Piqua, OH
937-773-8337 or


P.S. The "new" Sawyers are listed in the recently released 2006 Canoe & Kayak price guide.

Thanks for the Sawyer web site link.
It’s nice to see what my Summersong should weight without the height adjustable sliding seat, foot braces & rudder. Mine’s a lot heavier than that listing. I’ll have to try weighing it sometime soon.

which is faster
The DY special or the shockwave? I kind of like th elooks of the shockwave though…