Kevlar canoe stored on side

Looking at a used Kevlar canoe that appears to have been stored on its side in a garage based on pic. The general advice seems to be to store upside down. Any idea if Kevlar would be less susceptible to deforming or what to look for when inspecting?


If the hull is symmetrical and there are no marks from the straps, should be fine, IMO.

I’ve seen kevlar boats with wooden gunwales stored on their sides deform, but never one with aluminum gunwales. Like mike said, if the hull looks symmetrical you should be fine.

Kevlar boats are pretty strong and rigid and can be pretty much stored in any position. It’s plastic boats where deformation sometimes becomes a consideration, especially in hot climates or for long term storage.

Although storing canoes upside down is ideal, many boats of all kinds are often stored on their sides to save space.

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