Kevlar/Carbon decks

My Kevlar Arctic Hawk weighs 38 pounds and is very stiff/strong, I think I would have to try to break it.

Amen to that! I wouldn’t even lean on someone’s car.

I painted the lower unit in my outboard. Came out great shiny black with clear coat. Took it to get some work done and the mechanic steps from rocky, sandy, stone yard to my lower unit plates that protrude with boots. I was like :unamused: WHAT THE HELL? I couldn’t even fathom that. I said ever hear of step ladders? Imagine if he did it to 450 HP 50 grand engine in a 1.5+ million dollar boat?

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Yes but I wouldn’t be testing you hull :laughing:

It has gotten tested plenty and is going strong

Beware the advertised weight.
Current Designs advertises their Kevlar Prana at 48 pounds. My boat (that does have a compass fitted) - 55lbs.
Seems that weights are taken before hatches and seats are fitted.

Gee, I’ll have to weigh mine. I’m pretty sure it isn’t over 50 pounds but can’t be positive.

Might be what they call the “Heavy Water” layup. Your hull weight matches what I’ve seen.

No, no markings as such and I’ve spoken to the original owner about his initial specifications for his order.

My 2007 QCC 700 XL is carbon/kevlar and the deck is solid.