Kevlar Hulls and 303

I recently purchased a Wenonah Prism in Kev UL and was wondering should I use 303 inside the Hull or will it make the deck slippery?

How do you like the boat?
The Prism is on my short list.

303 on inside even with the texture of the weave will make it slippery. Don’t do it.


Prism and me
I have not had a chance to paddle it yet as we are still iced in and getting 1 foot+ snow today. About a month before I can hit my favorite lake. I did paddle one last summer and I liked it alot, though it was in tuff weave. I suspect the Kev UL will be even better. It feels much lighter than its advertised 34 lbs. I will be doing a review here once I’ve had it out in a variety of conditions. It looks pretty sleek and fast nestled against the joists in my garage.

Thanks for the info on the 303. I’ll skip doing the inside with it.

Did my Advantage w/no problem.
It’s not like you will be walking about in your hull. Grab the gunwhales getting in and out and you’ll be fine.

not slippery
remember with the 303 you need to go back after you’ve applied it and rub it in until it’s dry. I sprayed it on the interior of my white/gold Bell and no problems plus looks great.