kevlar kayak repair in Wisconsin?

Had a tree limb break and put a baseball-sized ding in my kevlar kayak. I’m looking for a repairperson/business here in WI that does quality repairs. I’m not handy and I want it done right, so I won’t be attempting the repair myself. Thanks in advance for any recommendations!

Might try…
calling Rutabaga in Madison. They are a pretty big operation with customers state-wide and might well know of someone in the Green Bay area who does good work. Another place worth calling might be QCC. I know they do good refinish work… and if they’re not swamped building their own orders, they might well be willing to take on a job like that. A business has to make money and a buck is a buck, after all.

Sorry to hear of your mishap. Somehow it seems like it might be better if there was an exiting story of crashing surf, raging whitewater, or something to go along with the ding.

tried rutabaga but the rep said the repair is beyond what they normally do. QCC would be a long drive but I’ll shoot them a msg anyway. Thanks for the head’s up!

racing site?
Is there a canoe or kayak racing organization in WI? Post a message there, many of those boats are regularly damaged and there’s a good chance there’s pretty handy person who’ll do repairs.

Fountain of Youth for Boats in…
North Prairie, Wisconsin. Give these people a call. I know they do good work in fiberglass and they just might be able to do the same to Kevlar. I drive past their shop going to work and they are ALWAYS busy. It would be a 3hr. drive from Green Bay but could be well worth it.