kevlar Kayaks on the car


If you own a Kevlar sea kayak have you had any issues with your kayak after transporting the kayak for extended periods?

What system do you use?

Just making sure I get it right before I cross Australia with my new toy


i’ve cracked some gel coat strapping it down to tightly but i was using the rollers (thule), they’re fairly hard and dont compress much…if you have a choice get a j-cradle, something like a malone-best i’ve found to haul composite yaks but they add heighth and could be a problem for tall vehicles.

Don’t overtighten fastenings, and
put some UV protectant on the hull.

Transport Issues
Medicineman touchs a good point. All your glass or kevlar boats should be transported on their sides. The hulls are stiffer beam to beam as opposed hull down. You get alot more road flex and compression when their flat. As far as which product, thats up to you. Yakima’s Hull Raiser and Kayak stacker are what I currently have on my car. Thule and Malone make j cradles as well. Good luck. Just make sure to secure the bow and stern as well. Since you’ll be traveling across Australia you have to contend with those road trains everyones heard about. I bet they throw up a wicked air pillow. Happy Paddling!

Road trains
Thanks for the advice

I have a ute or a pickup just have to watch the hight.

The secret of the road trains is as you get close speed up so you are pushing the air instead of the truck pushing you around.


Not true
I trasnsport them both ways and for extended periods of time.

If you place a set of saddles so that they are under the bulkheads in both the front and the rear, then you have them supported at the strongest points.

Also there is less wind resistance when they are lying flat on saddles.

I also cinch mine down very tight with camlock buckle type straps, regardless weather I am using saddles or J cradles.



I use thule glide and sets
I have a used Quest in Kevlar. I drove around on some rough dirt roads in the mountains last summer with out any issues as far as the hulls go. It did take some of the shine off paint. I also tried to tie it down as close as possible to the front bulkhead. The rear saddle and tie down strap ends up being about a foot back.


Hauling Kayaks
Put the boat on the racks , have the cradles as near the bulkheads as possible, strap them down and go for it. I’ve been hauling kayaks since 1972 all over the world and have never had a problem. GO PADDLING! Vaughn Fulton