kevlar layup, 1989 vs today

If a seller of an ultra light Wenonah Advantage says that his boat is no different than a new one, is this correct? any advances in materials or build quality during the last 20 years?

id say
there would of had to been improvements .but im no expert but everything seems to improve as we learn more about materials

I am sure there have been advances in technology over the past 20 years. I don’t think Wenonah has really felt the need to incorporate each of those into its product line. Obviously, a kevlar race boat now is considered a trainer, while graphite (carbon) dominates racing. Maybe a slightly different foam core is used, but it is just a spacer anyway. They may have tweaked the resin system, but I don’t know either way, and I doubt the average user could ever notice. Wenonah also seems to be finding ways to shave a few grams here and there, so a new one may be just a tiny bit lighter.

Overall, I think someone claiming a kevlar wenonah from 20 years ago is pretty much the same boat is being honest. Stored properly and not abused, there is no reason it won’t last another 20 years.

Vinylester resin was available then.
Kevlar cloth is uncoated, and probably no stronger now. Wenonah knowledge of how to stiffen with ribs and core has probably improved.

correct enough
for someone looking at a used one.