Kevlar or Glass? - Dagger Reflection 16

Hello, I am looking at possibly purchasing this Dagger Reflection 16. Seller says it’s fiberglass, but I’m not so sure because of the inside color. According to Dagger catalog fiberglass should weigh 59 while Kevlar is 49. Can anybody tell which it is? Thanks!

Absolutely is the right color for kevlar.

Do you have the opportunity to weigh it or have the seller report it? Is one material more desirable to you?

Looks right color take a closer shot. Weigh it as said above.


I agree. For comparison here is a photo I took this morning in my yard of the Kevlar Wenonah Advantage I have for sale. It’s an ultralite so ignore the reinforcement ribs. But you can see the color and construction are the same as that Dagger.

Buy it… nice boat

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What difference do 10 lbs make? Very nice boat.

In and of itself not much. In the real world, possibly quite a bit.

Not to mention finer entry.

I would get it either way… nice boat in great condition, but 10 lbs lighter is all the better.

10 lbs sure makes a difference on my waistline.