Kevlar® Skid Plates

Does anyone know where to get the Kevlar strips and the resin for ABS at a good price?

skid plates
Wenonah sells them on their website. They are listed under accessories. They cost $54.95(I would imagine that shipping is extra). You could also just buy kevlar tape and epoxy from someone like jamestown distributors or noah’s marine. But I would think that by the time you buy everything you would need from jamestown or noah’s, it would probably be cheaper just to buy the kit from wenonah.

try this

Do you need them now? Or can you
wait until you know they are necessary? They do not protect against really strong impacts, only against scraping. So you might as well let the river scrape the vinyl off the ABS before you put out money on Kevlar skid pads. An inferior, over-rated measure that most will never need.