kevlar skidplate

need to repair the bow of my glass canoe. would like to install a kevlar skid. any advice. I’m good with my hands so this will be done at home.Thanks. David in Texas

s glass instead
I’d repair the canoe with glass instead

Like Frank said.
Sage advice, that.

How sharp or blunt is the end of your
glass canoe?

Best Not!
Those Kev skid plate kits are thick and significantly alter your canoes’ handling.

Better to apply a couple much thinner S glass patches.

Obtain from Sweet Composites. Obtain appropriate resin from your manufacturer. Cut elongated S glass hexagonals on the bias; warp and woof at 45dg to long axis. Scuff with sandpaper and acetone clean the area, wet out one, then the second hex and watch them conform to your hull under the brush. A little peel ply along the edges will make them lay flat[er].

skid plates do effect my canoes handling
i know i can go for it and not ruin my boat. all my canoes have kevlar felt skids on them.

I knew if I waited I would hear what was wanted. Still need help with how to. 4 to 1 so far, I think glass might be the way to go(no offense Tripper).

Kevlar felt skid plates are a
convenience product, maximally easy to apply. No one ever said they were as strong as skid plates made from S-glass, or even Kevlar cloth for that matter.

S-glass shines for use on the outside of the boat, where its hard-wearing and high compression strength stand out. Kevlar cloth is best for the inside of the boat, where its outstanding resistance to propagation of cracks and its strength in tension stand out.

Nobody builds boats out of Kevlar felt. And no GOOD boats are made out of any other kind of felt or mat.

oh yes use the s-glass on your boat
that is the correct material. i was just responding to the handling issue. i would not be able to tell if or of not it is a problem. the water is usually moving and boiling. i just like the piece of mind knowing my investment in royalex will last longer in the rough stuff. s-glass with west system g-flex. the west system website has video tutorials.

Remember, though, Tripper, that
any blow that would crumple your bow will also crumple your bow with a skid plate on it. The amount of strength contributed by Kevlar felt, or even by several layers of S-glass, is not enough to prevent a crumple, and usually won’t mitigate it much.

When I did the glass skid plates on my Tripper, it had a 20 year history of whitewater use, and the crumpling of the ends was rather minor. It was easy to smooth the wrinkles with a rasp and then apply the glass.

I wonder whether putting skid plates on new Royalex boats is not kind of like putting those bras on the front end of Civics.