Kevlar vs. black gold Flashfire


I’m trying to decide between these layups in a bell flashfire.The kevlar is kevlar crystal/lightning tech.I won’t be doing many rocky streams or whitewater,but logs and beaver dams will be a definate.Weight is definatly a factor,but I don’t want to baby it.I read a lot here about rocks and these layups,but not logs and dams.


Go with the black gold
The weight of the black gold is great, and the extra durability is worth the price as compared to the crystal. I have two black gold boats and they can take the logs pretty darn well.

I’ve got a Magic in kevlite or whatever they call it. Don’t be fooled, it is very durable. It spent a week in the Boundary Waters last year and put up with numerous loaded log drags, many “oops where did that rock come from”, and all over general abuse. It is scratched but not in anyway that I’d be worried about it’s integrity.


B/G verse KK Bells
When you want to make something light, you make it fragile or expensive.

Bell’s Black Gold laminate is one of the best composite designs in the industry. It has a significant compression layer of carbon, three layers thick in center, and a thicker tensile layer, up to four kevlar layers, inside, exactly where you would want it.

It is about as light as one can make a strong contact laminated layup; the expensive option.

Kevlar Crystal is a lighter weight layup, meaning something significant is missing. It is a fine light weight boat: the fragile option.

Why not get the best in a FlashFire ?
Get your FlashFire from Placid BoatWorks who now has the rights to the model and lays up an outstanding canoe.

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Make sure the Flashfire is big enough.
Even when I was lighter (195), I would have needed a Wildfire.