Kevlar vs fiberglass question

Tan Football
I had no idea what “Openboater” meant on Tuesday when he said there was a tan football in the bottom of the original kevlar MR Malecites.

That afternoon, entirely by chance, I went paddling with someone who suggested that we tandem in her Malecite rather than solo in our individual boats. And there it was, clear as day … a big tan football the length of the boat. Above the football, the fabric was gold.

That is a wonderful handling boat. We were going out for a quick paddle, but paddled an extra hour just playing along the shore.

Coronaboy - suhweeet!
Got any photos?

"That is a wonderful handling boat."
Wenonahrider - thanks for the tease. :wink: I probably won’t get to put mine on the water at least until next week. Makes me feel kinda like a kid before Christmas…