Kevlar vs fiberglass question

I know this has been covered before, but I couldn’t find it in a search…

How would I tell if a 14 year-old Malecite is kevlar or fiberglass? I’m going to look at it tomorrow (if it’s still there) and I assume I could weigh it (55lbs vs 65lbs?) is that right? If a scale (I don’t own one) isn’t available, what else would tell? OBTW - Any reason I wouldn’t want a kevlar Malecite with wood trim?

KV or FG
If the canoe is Kevlar, the interior floor only will have a tan football shape painted it. From the chine up there will be no paint and probably has a faded Kevlar gold look. About 14 years ago they had to change serial numbers per the Coast Guard. There used to be a -K,-KH, or -KA at the end of the serial numbers to indicate a Kevlar layup.

If it’s a FG layup, the interior will either be painted gray or the same color as the exterior of the canoe.

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Rob would know for sure but …
… I’m under the impression that all of the eggplant ones were fiberglass. Is that true Rob?

I think I know the one you’re looking at.

We did make Kevlar hulls…

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with eggplant gel coat. It was a beautiful combo.


I’ll bet they were stunning. Now I have something else to dream about …

Eggplant, the challenge vegetable.
A challenge to mask the taste.

eggplant Malecite
Yep - that’s the one, Clarion. She talked to the shop where she bought it and they thought it was kevlar, but this morning she’s thinking it’s fiberglass. I’ll see it when she gets off work today. If it’s kev, I’m all over it. If not??? I kinda promised myself to stick to lightweight hulls from now on, but I’ll probably be tempted…

…and thanks for the help and good wishes, guys!

Eggplant parmesian
One of my favorites. :wink:

Eggplant paramecium ?!? How do you
get it to stay on the little devils?

Steve, if the boat feels light and you
can swing it up to portage, maybe you shouldn’t avoid a FG boat. But check for gelcoat blistering. I had a 1973 Compatriot, 13’ and 50 pounds, in fiberglass. The FG was near bulletproof in hard use. The only problem I had, possibly due to not storing properly, was gelcoat blistering due to moisture infiltration and hydrolysis.

So if the boat is light enough, the price is right, and it’s in good condition, don’t rule it out. I believe MR used Kevlar reinforcement at stress areas in later FG layups.

Sure - weaken my resolve…
She wants 650 and that includes an unknown paddle and 2 pfd’s. Maybe a little high in this area for FG?

Parmesan. :smiley:

I don’t think it’s high for FG if nice
If it’s Kevlar, I’d be leaving work right now …

Well, it is fiberglass…
…and beautiful. Very well cared for…only minor bottom scratches and perfect wood gunwales and seats - three of them. Plus two nice Sawyer paddles.

Looks great hangin’ in my garage!

When I saw it had the solo seat and was in excellent condition, I couldn’t pass it up.

Thanks for all the input, guys! Kevlar would have been very nice, but I don’t think it’s gonna matter much.

OpenBoater - the HID ends in 97. Does that mean it’s actually 12 years old?

Congrats on your new Malecite.
I look forward to your maiden voyage report.

what is the
letter in the HIN ? A through L? If it was H or later I built that hull. congrats on a nice boat.

Congratulations, glad you got it
I’ve got one just like it. Same color, layup and year. But yours is nicer. Enjoy.

Last letter is "E"
Not sure when we’ll get to paddle it. A couple waves of storms on top of us…

MA D8X 249 B090-K

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How about this Hull ID #? It's to a Malacite Special Edition I picked up about a month ago for my son. Supposedly,(so we were told) it was hand laid by Jim Henry himself. It's got mahogany woodwoork. I got it from an old guy outside of Hartford, Conn who lived in a house built in the mid 40's. Thats 1740's! How cool is that! Imagine all the history that passed that house..... Anyways, it's in excellent condition: the guy said he probably only had it out about 10 times since he bought it. It came with 8 different Mad River brand paddles...2 bents and 6 straight shafts from the same era as the boat. I would appreciate any info available.... I know it's kevlar and has an off-white gel coat.....Rick