Kevlar vs UV radiation

My new (to me) Mohawk Blazer 16 says “kevlar”. The outside is gelcoat, the inside splatter paint. How UV resistant is this? do I need to keep it in the garage or in a bag?

Kev is gold colored
Cloth…if you don’t see it it’s protected.

If it is gelcoated ,it is protected ,

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but UV eventually gets to everything. for composite hulls,I use Mequiares Marine wax.

Initially, it was believed that Kevlar
was especially vulnerable to UV. Well, it’s more vulnerable than FG or carbon, but not especially so. In fact, the initial period of UV exposure darkens, but also strengthens, a Kevlar interior. With an epoxy layup, there may be more concern because epoxy resin will degrade slowly in UV. But I don’t worry about it with my Bluewater epoxy tandem, which has Kevlar inside. I saw a 20 year old Bluewater 17 Freedom with Kevlar interior in excellent condition.

If that Mohawk is partly Kevlar, Mohawk’s painting the inside was a good idea. I would not worry about putting on protectant unless the inside paint degrades and it bothers you, emotionally.