Kevlar whitewash on inside walls?

I bought a used kevlar canoe, and it’s in good shape.

Actually, I got it from pnet classifieds.

On the inside side walls, there are 2 spots, only maybe a few inches square, where the finish is rough. It actually looks a bit like whitewash, and is slightly rougher than the surrounding smooth finish.

This appears to be a cosmetic issue, but I wonder if I should coat it with anything, or just forget about it.

probably aramid "fuzz"
I suspect the Kevlar was abraded in those areas, either deliberately (for the purposes of outfitting) or incidentally as a result of abrasion.

Aramid fibers “fuzz up” when sanded or otherwise abraded. The fibers also usually become somewhat lighter in color.

It might be caused by standing water, in which case an acetone wash will cure the look.

Hard tellin’ without am image.