Kia Soul

I have been thinking about a new car and was wondering about the roof line on the Kia Soul. Anybody have one with a rack on it? Can you get the bars even and spread nicely?

Hamsters kayak?
Who knew?


Just messin’ with you, I’d suggest “fit my ride” at Yakima’s website, or similar at Thule.

I have a 2010 Soul with Sunroof and installed the Yakima Landing Pads myself have been very happy with the arrangement. I routinely carry an assortment of canoes & kayaks from 12’ to 17’. By installing the landing pads, you are able to maximize bar spacing and have an expansive flat roof to work with. Takes a leap of faith drilling those holes though! As I write this, I am on a road trip from Michigan to FL with a 16’ Sea Kayak and a 15’ Sit on top…to 75mph through wind/rain for 4 hours…no worries! My 4th trip over 6 hours with two boats up top. I think it’s a great shuttle vehicle.

my lovely wife has one
with round Yakima bars. We used the SSD round rails with Yakima Grabbers. This allows up to about 48 inches fore and aft spread with bar position anywhere along that. The SSD rig attaches to pre-existing hardware under the roof trim. Only drilling was required through trim and no cutting. I can email some pictures if you wish.

thanks for the replies
I am just now in the looking phase. I will probably end up buying an older Subaru Forester as I have been driving them for 10 years. But I am looking at various hatchbacks and smaller suv’s.

I also have the SSD bars
and get a max 52" fore and aft spread with the Yakima Rail Grabbers, as well as 37" clear space on the bars side to side. Way better than any of the alternative vehicles I investigated during the buying process.

The SSD front light bar makes a sound front tie down spot, coupled with the rear receiver (for rear tie down) I have a very secure carrying setup. The rail grabbers come on and off quickly, so the rack is only on when I am lucky enough to be carrying kayaks.

The Yakima tracks were my second alternative, and I didn’t get them only because I wanted at least a 36" clear bar spacing side to side. With all of their mounting holes, I imagine them to be the most stout of all the alternatives.