Kiawah Island, SC

Taking our Eddyline NH16, Merlin LT and Manitou 13 down to Kiawah Island SC next month. Any suggestions on good places to paddle / put in? I’m staying in a privately owned home on the island. Anyone know of any restrictions on boat storage while on the island? Was in Hilton Head early in the Summer and had all kinds of problems with the gate guard (stayed in Sea Pines) and area security who said I could not keep the boats on my car nor store them in public view. Dont want to have to deal with that again. Thanks.

call the resort and ask
Call the Heron Park Nature Center (part of Kiawah - I have their number if you want it). If you are a guest of the resort you might be able to use the beach and Mingo Point. Mingo Point is owned by the resort and they can be strict on non-guests using the area.

There is Beachwalker state park, but it no longer has access to the Kiawah River - just the ocean.

You can put in at Rockville and paddle to Deveaux Banks or Botany Bay. You can also paddle up Bohicket Creek from Rockville.

I haven’t done it
but there is a small bridge a few miles outside of the gate where a lot of people put in and paddle out to the inlet. At a place to eat? I heard there is a foot path and a sandy place to launch. I know it’s a smaller river. You may want to check that out at low tide, put in a few hours before low tide, follow the tide, get out on the back of the beach, then paddle back when the tide is low or when it’s coming back in.

There is also a marina between Kiawah and Seabrook that leads out to the North Edisto. Wadamalaw Island also has a nice creek, and also leads out to North Edisto. On the other side is Botany Bay. However the North Edisto can rip with the wind and tide. Check out places to launch on Church Creek and Bohicket Creek.

Or you could simply put in at the end of the beach and paddle up the rivers. Use a little paddle cart to get through the sand. Take the tide coming in then turn around when it starts going back out.

The North Edisto can be calm or turn violent with wind and strong tide.

YOu may want to contact a local guide.

You will cross the Stono River on

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the way to the island. There is a good put-in at the bridge.Charleston Harbor is a good place to paddle. Here is a good resource for finding places.

The Stono
is on the north end of Kiawah. You can put in at Sol Lagree boat landing cross the Stono and take that river that runs behind the north end of Kiawah, but you should be able to reverse that and put in on Kiawah Island.

The Stono is also an open area.

By the way, most of the houses at Kiawah are built ten feet in the air, so there is a tun of storage underneath the house. I dont’ think they will say anything at the gate because you are going to a house, but if they do tell them you plan on keeping it under the house.

A Famous Person Lives on Kiawah Island

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Tara Lipinski has a place there. Just in case you run into her.

Kayaking Kaiwah River.
"Kiawiah river paddling...the dolphins are in the 2nd half of the movie. "

Email the dude that made this vid about put-in and take-out information for the wonderful area.
The dolphins go crazy there. Maybe over Tara Lipinski.

for the suggestions, I’ll check them out.