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I have a cape horn 15…it’s fun …but, looking for something more high performance.

The question:

Something like a Sirocco (can’t fit in a tempest)that is high performace but, that comes with an adjustable seat that is like the phase 3 seat found on the cape horn. I have big time back problems and it is the only seat that makes kayaking possible.

Appreciate your thoughts!..

p.s. for all the so called “advanced paddlers” that like to give their two cents worth…I don’t care about skill level…please don’t post why I don’t want a seat like that in a high performance kayak…and no I am not paying for any dam classes… …etc…


P&H Quest

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I have a P&H Quest that I find really fun. The kayak is faaaaassssst in my book, looks great, and will turn on a dime if you edge it. The secondary stability is fine, a j lean will hold all day if the water isn't too rough. If it feels a bit "tippy" as far as initial stability is concern, that is a trade off for the speed I guess. This british built boat is well appointed and the fit and finish are unmatched. It says something that the wife like it enough that we bought TWO. We now have two WS TARPON 140s for fishing the the two Quests for touring, (and a like new Ocean Kayak MARS, her old fishing SOT for sale)

I haven't come out of it but once, and an unexpected wake caused that. I can't roll this boat yet, but I can almost do it.

(I know, I know, almost only counts in handgrenades and horseshoes, yada yada yada, but I nearly got the roll nailed a couple times in the rolling class and ran out of time and shoulders.)

The wife and I are about itermediate in our skill level in the SOTs we fish from, but still in the beginner class in the Sea Kayaks because we haven't spent much time in them.

I hope this helps, I have hi-res pics, email me if you wanna see them.


Don’t let the seats limit your choices. Any kayak can have the seat removed and replaced with something that works better for you.

I just got a new Sirocco and am adjusting to the learning curve, having only paddled a Necky Zoar Sport for a couple summers. I am quickly getting used to the lower initial stability and am beginning to feel pretty stable in smaller seas. I practice paddling, braces, and balance by riding the boat on the rear deck right behind the cockpit. It certainly makes the boat feel more stable from the cockpit!

My seat is padded and the backband is tightened as tight as I can get it. I have some back trouble from a couple crushed vertebrae from 6 years ago. I haven’t paddled for more than a two to three hour stint, but I have been really comfortable. I feel great when I climb out of that thing. I consider myself a seasoned novice at best and have not taken any classes. I learn from reading and watching. Perhaps a class in the future would be smart. Hope this helps.

I don’t think the Sirocco is any faster than the Cape Horn 15. At least i am pretty positive the Sirocco is noticably slower than the Cape horn 170 i had. In my first season and beginning of this one(2nd) i had a major learning curve from where my lower back would get tired in most boats after an hour or two, to now when i do 10-20 miles with no back pain what so ever, all in technique.when my technique sucked i thought Phase 3 in my CH170 was great, when i learned to roll and got better torso rotation technique i realized it sucks and a backband is a way to go.

I actually think Prijons have the comfiest seat backs,cushy and yet pretty supportive. i also put a prijon whitewater backband in my necky and its way comfier than the stock nrs brick-like piece.

The Extrasport comfy seat backs in the LookshaV look similar to the Phase 3. In general the hinged back style of a seatback is found in somewhat recreational boats meant for people that don’t want to bother with technique. If your back really needs the support, you could buy the phase 3 seat from confluence factory and transplant it into some boats,just measure ahead of time.

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"I don’t care about skill level"
That’s pretty obvious. I can’t take you seriously about moving to “more advanced” kayaks with your limited attitude toward skills and outfitting.

Enjoy your back pain. Should you ever want to get over it instead of just getting by, kayaking can FIX it. IF you ever get over yourself enough to take advice from people who’ve already “Been there, done that!”

Start with Rider604’s comment: “when my technique sucked i thought Phase 3 in my CH170 was great, when i learned to roll and got better torso rotation technique i realized it sucks and a backband is a way to go.” Search the archives for more.

La-Z-Boy seats are for La-Z-Buoy paddling, aka floating, drifting, and in your case - trolling.

I like this answer (NM)

Well said B.B…I second that!