Kicking myself..twice

I have been surfing FB for deals on canoes ever since I got the paddle bug this fall. I’ve already bought 2, an OT Pack for $175 that needed some work, and a Blue Hole for $200. Today I missed an OT Pack for $50 and it was in better shape then mine. This one only had busted cane, and slight fading.
I’m kicking myself for missing the deal/ listing…and kicking myself again for being a Canoe hoarder! You guys are the worst for inability me! (Jk) But thanks for making me feel at home.

Welcome to the disease. It seems to be incurable.

Relax! You’re OK! No worries; no sweat.
You have a long, long way to go to be even remotely considered a canoe hoarder with a total of 2 canoes.

My wife sold one of her canoes this year; I sold 3 and last week bought 1.
So between the two of us we managed to divest ourselves of 3.
That’s the good news.
The bad new(maybe to some/not to me), my wife still has 1 and I still have 18 or 19 I think?
Truthfully, I don’t really know how many I have now; I lost count…
“It don’t matter”!

Canoes & misc toys

Mad River Screamer in yellow

Seriously, do I look stressed out???



And many of them appear to be places to store stuff. We had a Nordic Track like that.

Thanks BOB! What made me feel better was seeing the other hobby stuff you have there too! Looks like motorcycle’s might have pull a few dollars from you pockets through the years.

Sheesh. How many canoes can you paddle at once. I mean…er, oh, never mind. :slight_smile:

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Oh lord, Colnago’s of all bikes! Probably with Campagnolo parts too. I bought my 3rd bike this spring…like I said, thanks for making me feel at home!
Happy Thanksgiving you all!!!

Yep. All Colnagos. All Campy, Mostly Record 10 Compact. All my size, all rideable, except for the Master Pista…no track nearby. I’ve ridden a fixxie on the street, with a brake, just a bit crazy…and the Master Pista doesn’t have a brake… When I took that photo I was concerned that my wife would come home and open the garage door without noticing me taking photos!

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

I have a friend whose goal this year is to get down to 12 classical guitars. He has 60-ish

I just completed the deal on a Stellar S14S with Marshall. Just in time for winter. May need to head south.
Have a Happy and safe Thanksgiving