Kid Kayak: Lifetime Wave, or OT Loon?

Hello Paddlers,

My almost-10 year-old son wants a kayak to fish from. I can get him a Lifetime Youth Wave sit-on for about $120, or a used Old Town Loon 86 for the same money.

We are not a kayaking family (yet). Would appreciate any advice or tips. Thanks!

Which version
There are several versions of the Old Town Loon. If you’re looking at the 138 solo–good boat. Just be certain the keel line is straight.

This is the Old Town Look 68.
This is the Old Town Look 68.

Loon 86

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Good solid kids boat, relatively light, 22inch beam. The other one doesn't look to be worth the money.

I would get him the Loon
My wife, myself and oldest daughter started and learned with Perception Keowees which are just about the same as the Loon, and now 20 years later, we race and tour with long skinny sea kayaks.

The Loon is a great boat to start and learn with

Jack L

Bought the Loon!
Used for $100 with a paddle and vest. If the boy takes to it, I’ll get him something better. Thanks for the help.