Man, my kid is growing crazy fast. I’ve had to buy her a new PFD every year or two. Two years ago she moved into the “Youth” size. I only got one full season out of that PFD. At nine years old, she’s 10 pounds out of Youth size and needs an adult PFD. I’ll have to stop feeding her or something. She’s fit, just tall as a redwood.

None locally. I just ordered a Stohlquist from Campmor. It should last her for a few years, I hope.

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If my girls weren’t the oldest of nine
female cousins in a row, I’d be happy to hand down our collection to you. My last PFD purchase was Sunday at Newport 1 - a sailing-specific model that doesn’t interfere with the trap harness or clash with the new red spray top. I was lucky to get out of there only a C-note lighter!

Thanks for the thought.
Family has first dibs. That’s understandable.

I hope the order comes in on time as I’ve got a float planned for this weekend. If not, I’ll have to scrounge one up or borrow from a friend.

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“kid” PFD’s
I’ve had a fair amount of trouble finding a PFD that my daughter (also 9 y/o) is comfortable in also. Like your daughter she is a little too big for the youth models but most of the adult ones are a little too tall, so when she sits down, they ride up around her neck & drive her crazy. I also have trouble getting them tight enough down low to keep them from riding up when she’s in the water. Any advise would be greatly apreciated. I’ve actually thought about adding a “crotch strap” like in the little kid vests to deal with the riding up issuewhen she’s in the water.

I bought a Stohlquist
Stohlquist has an XS/S adult jacket. It is very adjustable. I had to adjust it almost to its very smallest, but it works. My daughter was jumping out of the raft and swimming in the river repeatedly, then she tried her own kayak for a while and dumped it about ten times (only one of which was accidental - it was a very hot day). It worked just fine.

This was mild current and low, warm water. A very safe environment for testing a PFD.

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which model?
Do you know what model it is that you bought?


My daughter wanted the blue one rather than the red one, despite the blue one being a “men’s” model and the red one being a “women’s” model. I didn’t figure at her age it mattered.

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