Kids Jump Seat?

Ok, I have a perception swifty for fishing and messing around, and I was told that there are kids seats that can pop into the front of the cockpit that works with the swifty and sundance kayaks.

Any idea on where you can get one of these?

Any personal experiences with them? I’d like a way to bring my daughter, whos almost 2, on simple slow flat water rides, but I dont want her sitting on the bottom directly…


Kid seat
We have an OT Loon and recently purchased a kids seat for it, but whether this same seat will fit in your unit I don’t know.

Old Town Canoe has a website and you can see this seat on there. They have a ‘contact us’ section on their web page.

We haven’t tried it yet, but last summer I used a boat cushion under the grandkid’s bottom. Starting out, you won’t be gone long as their attention span doesn’t coincide with ours.

I hope you find what you’re looking for and have a great time with that little one.

I have one or two.
that came out of our Keowees, which is the same kayak as your Swifty.

If you can’t locate one let me know and I’ll send you one.

Any thing to encourage our future paddlers!



toddlers and paddling
I have a an almost three year old that I go paddling with. I tend to keep him on my lap and this works fine. That way I can keep hold of him my legs if he gets squirmy and the physical contact keeps him from getting nervous.

I have also found that he needs to be either inside the box made by my arms and paddle shaft or far away from me, otherwise I hit him with the paddle. There is no safe middle distance without whacking him with paddle. With him on my lap it is very comfortable.

I would recommend trying this before getting seat, however I have never tried the jump seat so I am not able to compare.


Thanks, I’ll keep you posted. I’m going to check at the shop I bought my boat first, I seem to remember him saying he could get them, but not sure.

same experience…
I found my daughter fit fine right on my lap…“helping” me paddle, or as far forward as possible, to avoid getting wacked. Sometimes she would lay down, and take a little nap. I also have not tried a jump seat, or even seen one, so I’m not sure how they work.

I bought a foldable booster seat for my two year old son. I also wanted him to join in my sundance 12.0. So I strapped the chair in with the footbrace and paddle with him.

The chair is from TARGET. It is known as “Regalo Portable Booster & Activity Chair”. It’s $15-$17.|My_Chair_Portable_Booster_Seat&ref=tgt_adv_XSC10001

Good idea, may try my grandson’s booster
seat for the table,

just found what we both need
Here’s the actual chair accessory for the Perception kayaks.

I have the seat you are talking about
that is made for the sundance, but I have used it in our Swifty and our America. It is really great! I like it since it slides under the adult seat in the channel and kind of locks in place. My son thinks it’s neat to have his own seat in my kayak. We got our seat from the dealer that we got our kayaks from. Our other son didn’t really like the seat so we took a boat throw cushion and cut it down by half and I sewed it back together. It works well too. Hope this helps.