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My twins girls are 6 years old. We have had them in canoes for most of their lives. I want to start them in their own kayaks this summer. I have looked at the Hobie Lanai and have been told it is kid friendly to learn in. Does anyone have any other suggestions as to a good beginner kayak for a 6 yer old…thanks alot


If you want sit-on-tops, look here:

Perception Carolina 12
My kids started paddling a Perception Carolina 12 at age 5. Can’t reach the foot pegs at that age, but there is a lot of room to grow into it.

What i like about it is the speed, and it tracks fairly well.

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Ocean Kayak made(makes?) a great kids SOT, the Kea, but I've heard it was discontinued. You may still be able to find a couple.

The next smallest would be the Venus 10.

Perception makes the Acadia Scout.

If they want to try whitewater, Jackson makes a full line of kids kayaks.

The big problem with putting kids in adult kayaks is that the boats are proportionally way too wide (and deep, if sit-inside). The kids have to use a huge paddle and hold it up high just to reach the water, which is very tiring.
A kid-width boat will be much more comfortable for them to paddle.

Take a look at this
I posted a similar topic earlier. I found this after some research. I haven’t purchased it yet but I’m considering it.

Acadia scout
The Acadia scout is a very good kid’s sized boat. The only problem is that being proportional means it is narrow, which is good for paddling but can tip fairly easily, especially if it’s a beginner who is not familiar with kayaks.

In my experience, kids who are comfortable in the water treat tipping like a game, especially if the parents have the same attitude. They’re also quick to develop good balance.


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Some start their kids out in sit-ins, which can actually be expected to perform when kids have learned a bit. You could build 2 of these in wood-frame for $300 or so.