kid's kayak

Hi there

looking to buy a flatwater boat for a 12 year old

5 foot 3, husky

very strong, excellent coordination and very athletic

will paddle a 4 mile circuit with parents

sand beaches and no rockgardens

looking for something that will challenge him a bit now but last him for a few years

cost is definitely a consideration but not the prime driver.

any suggestions please


My Twelve Year Old
paddles a Perception Swifty 9.5 with no problem at all. He has paddled this kayak since he was nine. He has paddled my Old Town Dirigo 120 but he prefers the Swifty.

WS Tempest SP

looks like a proper scaled down sea kayak

kid’s boat
Check out the Dagger Catalyst 12.8

Will fit him now probably, and leaves room to grow, both in size and skill.

He would already be at the top end of a TsunamiSP. I’ve seen this kayak, and doubt that he’d fit. This would be a great lil’ rock gardening sea kayak for a small person (less than 28" inseam and no more than 120#).

The other Tsunamis might be just the ticket though. More room, but not barges, and most importantly they all have thigh braces. They not only help a person stay in the seat and add boat control, they also help the paddler transfer more of their muscle power into forward momentum.