Kids kayak

I’m looking for a more competitive style boat for a young boy. He has

learned in a 15 1/2 necky. But he is only 5. We are looking for help

finding something that will fit him like a touring boat fits an adult. Any

help would be great. Really any. I’d be willing to have one custom made if

that is what it takes to get him the right boat. I’m coming to you guys

because I felt like you would have the knowledge to help me fast track this

awesome boy that loves paddling. Looking forward to some help. Thanks

robson suppersonic will do him for a long time or darger dinamo both travle well and are fun as kids get bigger safe for starting out I padled both before injury @ 55kg

could have one made

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There are a number of designs for child-sized kayaks that can be home-built at the Yost site (with free directions and patterns). Look at the "gallery" on the site for some nice examples people have made for their kids. If you don't feel handy enough to do the build, perhaps you could find somebody local who could.

Here is their "Sea Flea" model for folks from 50 to 100 lbs:

Mini flipper ski
I found a used Mini spec ski that my kids started to use when they were 5. Had a custom max kids wing paddle made too. Really neat seeing them in equipment that fits them. The ski they were able to remount solo too. I had to customize the seat area some but they are 8 and still using it now. It’s about 14’ long and 19" wide. I liked the idea of a small K1 but was worried about them tipping and not being able to remount. Good luck with your search. Chaz

Tsunami SP
Wilderness Systems makes a Tsunami SP plastic boat that is good for folks up to about 100 pounds. Still may be a little large for your kid at 5 years old.

More small boats

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There aren't many choices for a 5-year-old. One of the Yost boats might make the most sense if cost is important.
The Pygmy boats are nice, but that's still more beam than a bold small paddler needs.

And if he might be interested in whitewater....

check the
heron junior.

I would agree with Peter and mention the SP. I have two Tsunami SP’s my kids and wife share. My wife also has a Yost skin on frame we built. We also have two little toy sit on tops. Realistically the sit on tops are great beach toys and a lot of fun as long as you aren’t going anywhere. The skin boat is amazingly light and fast but would require supervision of the child not to ram it into shore. The Sea Flea as mentioned above should be the right fit. The SP’s are tough and feel really good to me on the tow line with a kid in it. The issue with the SP’s is the lack of thigh braces and the huge cockpit. While I consider the SP’s a good value another another small boat has recently come to my attention. The Tahe Lifestyle Solo PE. I’d like to get a look at this boat to see how the thigh braces fit. Other kids boats are the CD Raven and Episea 1100

Dagger Blast; Episea; CD Raven

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Dagger Blast: old school river runner was originally made for kids. 9'5" 22.5 wide, low volume, says 30 lbs I doubt it weighs that. No longer made, going for $200-$350 depending on what comes w. one. Small adults (up to about 135 lbs) like them too. I have one. Very nice for pool and rolling sessions. And just fun on the rivers.

An Episea is a nice greenland style longer boat 14'2" 20.5" beam and 36 lbs. Has stern hatch, needs float bags in bow. There is a kayak club that has 4-5 of them stored w. a member near Lansing, MI.
Some come w. float bags.Last I heard they were asking $300 or thereabouts. Red ones, yellow ones, some w. float bags some without. The club is selling them because they now have a fleet of Tsunami SPs for kids classes.

The Episea:

The CD Raven is an awesome full-on seakayak for kids and very small adults. There's been one for sale on for a while at $800, MSRP is $1300. Twelve feet, 20"beam, 26 lbs. Two bulkheads. Real pleasure to paddle, responsive, lot of zip. Yes I did paddle one a couple of years ago lol. Only thing I'd change is the seat back that comes over the cockpit, easy fix.

Prijon Flipper
I have a Prijon Flipper (10’ Kids yak )that I will sell for $225.00. I don’t know where you are but I’m in South Jersey. Here is a youtube video of one in a pool with a 5 yr old or google the name for more info.,d.dmg

Perception Acadia Scout
My daughter got hers at 9. 10’ boat, weighs 35 lbs, shallower seat for kids… It’s not just a short boat, but is designed for kids.


"We are looking for help

finding something that will fit him like a touring boat fits an adult."

I’ve spent years looking for the right boats for my kids. My goal was exactly as you state - a boat that fits my daughter the way my boat fits me.

I built a Sea Flea when she was 5, and that was good, but the interior frames limit the size legs that will fit in that type of boat, and she outgrew it quickly. Then I got her an Episea, and I found it too deep. It’s fine if you are looking for a old-school sort of deep sea kayak, that comes up to the paddlers ribs, but it wasn’t what I was looking for.

I’ve also looked at the Tsunami SP, and I think that’s a decent option, but it’s a well-scaled version of the Tsunami boats. Sort of a transitional sea kayak. Like the adult versions, it doesn’t edge turn well, and is a bit too beamy and flat-bottomed.

This winter I bought her a CD Raven, and both she and I love it. It fits well, it’s very well built, it has fore and aft bulkheads, and it weighs 26 pounds. Even for a kid as young as 6 I would look at the Raven. It will be a bit large at that age, but anything will. And they’ll quickly grow right into it. This is a boat that a kid could learn rough water skills and rolling in.

Ocean Kayak Poco
Perfectly scaled for kids 5 through 12. Narrow cockpit to train for efficient stroke and “feel” of the water.

where are you?
There is a Wilderness Systems Umiak (kid-sized touring kayak) for sale in upstate NY for $300.

An outfitter in our area has a bunch of these for kids – my friend’s 10 year old son used one on one of our trips and was paddling circles around the adults.