Kids kayak

It depemds
What boat/condition and in which direction?

I can’t lay out all the details here. Not gonna call several diff ppl who have them without more interest on your part.

so… let’s just forget it. Good luck.

Consider waiting for a Tsunami SP
It is still the middle of winter, so don’t rush… yet. The Tsunami SP is a great boat for kids up to about 110 pounds (after which the freeboard really gets small). I have had two kids go through this boat, which has the advantage of being poly, very narrow, and suitably proportioned (unlike some of the fat rec boats) such that a small kid can move it at a very nice speed. I’d consider selling ours, but think I can squeeze one more year out of it before the youngest is heavy enough to sink it!

Im sorry

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I didn't realize you were going to make calls, I thought you had a certain boat in mind somewhere. To answer your question I would be willing to drive anywhere in the chicagoland area to SE wisconsin or NW indiana for a Tsunami 120 SP.

Remember Kids Learn Real Fast
And will in rapid time, advance way ahead of their parents that they’ll become bored with paddling and head back to the skateboard park or more challenging activities. My suggestion would be to forget the kiddie boats and have them jump right in a used Olympic style K-1 or C-1 racer that can probably be acquired at a reasonable price. Challenge them, don’t coddle them, they’ll surprise you.

I start off most kids on a Ocean Kayak Poco, within a month they’re on the Scupper Classic, but lose interest real fast and want to paddle surfskis, which they can scamper back on real fast in deep water. K-1’s are paddled in shallow water, where kids can learn how to bail them and remount them.

Paddling is no different than other sports, get them good equipment and they’ll perform better and stay with it.