Kids kayak

I am looking to get a kayak for my 8yr old son so he can come out and paddle with my wife and I. I’ve real about WS boats that they used to make like the 120 Tsunami SP,but they no longer make them. Nor can i find them for sale used. We paddle flat water lakes with him, any suggestions? I’d like to get something narrow/shallow so he has a better chance of keeping up.

CD Raven
Current Designs makes their Raven for kids:

That’s exactly what I am looking for
I wish it came in Poly though. I can’t justify the price until I know it is a hobby he is really into it. I am going to keep my eyes out for a used Raven. Thank you!

Kids kayaks
I doubt you’ll find a used Raven, they’re aren’t that many around and they’ve only been making them for a few years. Considering its fiberglass with hatches and bulkheads it’s not too bad of a price new.

Search the archives here for kids kayaks, you’ll find a long list of kayaks, perception umiak, EPI kayaks, etc… It’s funny in NE you’ll see old umiaks used for $150 and for $800, it pays to search often.


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If you're handy, you can make a fuselage-style Yost kayak for your kid, material cost not too high, construction is not too difficult. There are several kid-friendly designs for various weights, available for free thanks to Mr. Yost:

A fuselage kayak can be knocked together with inexpensive lumber, construction screws, a stapled skin and exterior latex paint. As it will only be used for a year or two, by the time it starts to rust or leak, your kid will be 3 inches or 20 lbs too big for it.

Yost boats
Glad that was mentioned, as it would have been another suggestion I would have offered. Great dad and kid (or mom and kid) project for the winter, if you’ve got basic workshop tools and a little space. Look at the “galleries” on the Yost site for examples of the cool kids kayaks you can make for under $200. Added bonuses – kid-designed custom paint jobs are easy on a home built skin on frame and the boats weigh in under 25 and even 20 lbs, making them easy for kids to handle themselves.


Good luck keeping up with him. :slight_smile:

We’ll made kayak but like the Tsunami SP going away, not a lot of folks looking to get their kids, kid specific quality paddling gear.

Oh, Lendal NA makes a really nice kids paddle, complete with pirate skull/crossbones but you might want to swipe it to use as we’ll.

See you on the water,


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Too bad
Sad to hear they aren’t going to make the SP anymore. Good little boat.

Here is another option in triple layer. I sat my daughter in one but she didn’t get to paddle it.

interesting idea
Great idea, but I don’t have the tools or space to build something like this. I also like the idea of a plastic boat since we encounter a lot of rocky launches.

No local dealers
Another perfect fit, but no local dealers to test in the midwest. I may reach out to Rutabega’s. I also plan on attending Canoecopia this year to se what they have to test out.

here’s one:

I did a quick search “wilderness systems piccolo for sale”.

May be gone by now but I just provided this as an example.

I’d search for the:

WS Piccolo

WS Tsunami SP

Perception Umiak

CD Raven

Although it’s hard to beat the appeal of a handmade boat like the models cardelo posted.

Then who’s near you?
I would suggest a North Shore Aspect LV ( which would cover your 8 year old (pad out the cockpit at this age) well into the teens, but is there a North Shore dealer anywhere within reach?

Or, you could just go for it and I can send you one. Triple layer plastic doe ship common carrier rather well.

See you on the water,


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Hyde Park, NY

Thank you
I’ve been looking on craigslist now for a majority of these that you suggested. I’d like to get something local versus buying used site unseen.

yeah, I hear you
I always prefer to buy boats that way. But a kids boat is sort of a niche.

I’ve noticed the classifieds on this website pick up significantly in spring, so if you can wait until then you might have some luck.

where are you in Midwest
which state? near what city?

I may be able to help w. an Episea, Tsu 120 and/or a Dagger Blast kayak - all used.

Before I start checking w. ppl I want to make sure it’s worth our time.

I live in the western burbs of Chicago.

I used this website to search every city in the country, and still no luck. Maybe closer to spring.

I’ve always wondered…
how those old Perception Pirouettes and Dancers would work for a kids boat. See those for sale all the time in my area.

Prodigy XS

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You might consider the Perception Prodigy XS. Check out the video.

I have two for my grandkids ages 5, 7, and 8. They love them. Used to be called the Acadia Scout, but upgraded with some padding and renamed. You can check the reviews here on pnet. I also have an old Umiak. Probably a better designed boat, but given a choice the kids always opt for the "newer" boat. Go figure.

The important thing is to get him something he'll enjoy using and that fits him...have fun!

OK then
how far are you willing to drive one way to get a used kids kayak (e.g. a kayak designed for kids) that would cost you between $250 and $350? this would be for kayak only.