Kid's Kayaks

I’m planning on getting a single kayak for my two boys. They are 7 and 9 and quite into kayaking - rolling, wet exits, good bracing, etc. Pretty neat to watch. Because of their size, I need to get a small boat they can handle. Ideally I can get them a boat that will allow them to go on overnights - especially as they get older - but again I need to make sure the boat is reasonably sized. Poly seems better as they tend to ram boats into the shore. Any ideas for the old man??


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The Perception Carolina 12.0 seems to be very popular as a kid's boat. The downsides are no dry storage(needs float bags and/or dry bags), and the seat gets mixed reviews -- but it's easily replaced with foam.

What are they paddling now?

A Pygmy Osprey 13 would be a neat father/son project.

I Would Add
The EMC Episea, still being produced. Also, the WS piccolo, no longer produced, but making the rounds in the used market.

Good advice so far
my 7 yr old paddles an Umiak (carolina 12 I think) and my 11 yr old paddles a Necky Looksha Sport LV. Both are poly boats and more than meet their needs, the other boats mentioned are good as well. Another smaller boat is the Impex mystic, it can be a glass or poly. My 11 year old is growing so i am looking for a romany 16 or other smaller boat, she is 5’ 5" and 140lb and still growing. Keep looking, you’ll find something. I can’t get over the pleasure I see when my girls really get into paddling, we did two surf days this week and they were awsome. The little one got rolled around pretty hard in a wave and got banged up, but after a juice box and a snack she was ready for revenge. I did not paddle much, I was in the water making sure they were ok after a wipe out, but man I had fun just watching. So definetly get those guys hteir own boats.