Kids Kayaks

We’ve been using tandem kayaks on local large rivers, lakes, and bays with our 2 children (Wife and 1 kid in one boat, me and the other kid in the other tandem).

The children have gotten into the whole kayaking thing, and are now getting large enough that I think they can handle their own boats. Ages 11 (daughter, ~ 100 #) and 9 (son, ~70 #).

Any suggestions on single kayaks (brands, models, or styles) that would give them a positive experience paddling, but would also last a few years as they grew?

Main danger is them getting taller, not so much wider, since their mom and I are both tall and thin (-ish).

Would like to eventually do some touring, but the gear could mostly go in my boat (and my wife’s).

Thanks for any replies.

Kids kayaks
I purchased some Perception Swifty 9.5 kayaks for my daughters and I have a spare so we can bring a friend along. My daughters are 12 (approx 100 lbs) and 9 (approx 60 lbs) and the friend that comes along the most is 14 (approx 100 lbs). They’ve been using them for over a yr now and we’ve used them on reservoirs, flat moving water and class 1+ rapids. They come in a variety of colors and I’d let the kids pick their favorite. There’s plenty of space left over in them to carry pretty much anything you could need. I also have splash decks made by Seals to keep the sun and spray off of them. The splash decks don’t tightly seal you in but they do make a trip much more comfortable for the paddler.

Info on Kids’ Kayaks

Yostwerks Sea Flea & etc. NM

a couple
Wilderness Systems Picollo

Wilderness Systems Tsunami SP

Thanks, everyone
Thanks to everyone for taking the time to reply.

Some great suggestions as a place to start.

Time to go shopping