Kids life jacket ?

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At what age can you switch your kid from a pfd class 2 to a pdf class 3 (class 2 has the head support class 3 doesn't). Both have similar weight limits.

depends on the kid
I’d keep non-swimmers in a class 2 personally. I’m comfortable with my daughter (6) wearing a class 3 because she can swim on her own. I wouldn’t count on my son (2) keeping his head out of the water though, and since he’s more likely to pitch himself overboard the grab loop is a good thing to have too. :slight_smile:

floating kiddies
My niece and nephew are the same ages as NateHanson’s kids, and they have the same pfds as his kids too. 6 year old boy in a class 3 and 2 year old girl in a class 2.

I think by the time they can figure out that the grown-ups are wearing a different looking pfd, then they want one like the grown ups (class 3).

Apparently my parents didn’t care too much for personal flotation because they just TIED me to the mast of the dingy when i was a toddler. I guess it was my mom’s job to untie me in case of a capsize.

swimming lessons
Well, she knows how to swim in a life jacket because she was taught in swimming lesson (she is 5). They do not use class 2 life jackets there, they use class 3. However, they aren’t in the middle of the BWCA either. I have a class 2 and 3 for her, just don’t know when its time to go to a class 3

solved that problem!
I asked her swimming teacher. They recommend once a child can easily swim in a life jacket without the float to switch over. So she can switch but her sister can not