Kids wet suit reccomendation

I have a 5yr old son who has been taking swim lessons and will continue to do so through the winter. he’s complaining alot that the indoor pool is too cold, so I was thinking of getting him a shorty wetsuit.

Any reccomendations on brands and/or purchase places from someone who has used them with thier kids.

He’s 46.25 inches tall and 47 lbs at the moment. I believe wetsuits do not do their job correctly if they are too loose so buying it one size too big is not a good idea…Correct ??



surf suit companies
Body Glove, O’Neill’s, etc. all make kid sized shorties. They usually call them spring suits. Try to get one from a dealer who will do an exchange if the size is wrong. Wet suit sizing charts don’t always jive with reality.

makes decent suits for the money, especially if you want to hold down the expense of buying a succession of suits for a growing youngster. Their website says their youth spring suit is $49.

A kid’s wetsuit used by an actual kid…
One of the neighbors we paddle with has a 6 year old who is a real water bug; she’s ready to paddle anytime, anywhere (and she’s able to make her little Perception Acadia Scout do great things with no apparent effort. Really.) Anyway, this is the NRS “shorty” that they bought her at Rutabaga and that she wears religiously:

What is the pool temperature?
it’s important to know the temp to make a wet suit recommendation since the pool could be 63f or 82f and either one might feel cold to somebody.

I personally would request that the temperature be raised if it’s lower than 80f since some kids like to spend a lot of time in the water and anything less will get cold after a while. Even at 81f at our local pool, I can’t stay in for the hour that my kid wants to spend playing in it.


No idea
I have no idea what the pool temp is. It’s the indoor pool at our local YMCA. He takes lessons at the same time as another 70 other kids in different sections of the pool. I do remember from when I was in the pool with him as in infant, by the end of the hour lesson, I was feeling chilled. I also remember that when it was dead winter, the heat couldn’t keep the air temp as warm as it should, so it was a bit cool even out of the pool. Even so, I’m sure they wont raise a pool temp because of my request…LOL…

I’m sure it’s not super cold. But each week about 30 minutes or so into his lesson, he’s complaining that he’s cold. I’m planning on continuing his weekly lessons through the winter. So I was thinking some kind of shorty wetsuit to take the edge off. The NRS suit looks nice and I think would be a good wear for when we are out in the lake or kayaking. I read the specs on it and it says that it increases bouyancy. I’m thinking the suit might be too thick for swimming lessons. I was originally looking at this one. After swim lessons come then it will be deciding what age is good for a first kayak, but that will be another post