Kinda Stupid Canoe Question

I end up with this f/g canoe made in 79’. Not very pretty, kinda beat especially after being hit by a snow plow which I fixed with a rough patch. I kind of like this boat as it’s 15’, weighs a lot less than my disco (what boat doesn’t?) and I plan on using it for those evening jaunts with the dawg on the local river.

So, I end up with free paint, black, and painted the hull. Now I’m thinking of some kind of sealer for the paint. Any suggestions as to what to use or is it just a waste of time and money to think about something like this?


Paint should be its own sealer. But if
you want flash, get some gold leaf.

What Type of Paint ?? …

Hey Doug don’t let these guys harass
you. check out this 1916 Old Town OTCA. 4 coats of “Black” enamal and one clear coat. Sold for 8200.00

paint ought to be enough
marine enamel or exterior paint or Rustoleum.

After all we use exterior paint on our houses dont we?

I have seen a canoe painted with flat stove paint for instructional purposes and terms like bow and stern port and starboard written on it with chalk.

Unless you really want to bury someone with that canoe when it doubles as a rock!