Kinetic wing opinions?

Just tried out a Lendal 4 piece with Kinetic carbon/nylon blades and 210 shaft and also did a quick try using the Kinetic wing blades. I’m wondering what people think about the wings.

I’m a touring paddler and not a particularly fast one at that. My normal paddle is a 205 Werner Cyprus I’ve never used a “real” wing paddle but was surprised at how well behaved the Kinetic wing was. Only a bit squirrely - mostly when trying to scull. I didn’t push things and didn’t try to roll with it, but I suspect a sweep roll would be fine. For pure forward stroke it felt easier than the touring blades.

So is the Kinetic wing the best of both worlds or the worst of both worlds? I’m not sure I’d want it as my primary but I am intrigued.

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Gotta try a ‘real’ wing then you will feel the difference.

Though he was too shy to say it himself I will…

What Pat meant to say was…

If you really want to feel the power of a wing try an ONNO wing…power and grace under pressure…forgiving of small technical errors and very rewarding of good technique…



The Lendal wing is an interesting balance between a full-on performance wing and a touring blade. It is a wing that will perform well in maneuvering strokes etc, and as such is quite unique. I know of noone who would take a race wing into rock gardens, overfalls etc, but I know several who have enjoyed the Lendal wing in said conditions.

For all out go straight performance…buy an ONNO, Epic, etc full-on wing.

For the costal paddler who likes rock gardens etc but also likes go fast technology, a Lendal wing is a fun option.

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Maybe I could trade in the ONNO mid-tour I never use;-)

Salty, sounds like your friends are doing what the kinetic wing is marketed for. It’s hard for me to tell from a short test how much is substance and how much is hype.

I’d love to try one of Pat’s wings for comparison.

It’s legit
Jon Turk swears by the Lendal wing and he’s covered some ground. I have a set and very rarely use them. I still would find them weird in rock garden use, but they are fine to roll, scull etc, with.

I think they make sense for a coastal paddler looking for more forward efficiency without sacrificing huge water feel.

They are not as powerful as a full wing…they are a compromise or a balance between a standard touring blade and full on wing.

L-wings-> salty
If you ever feel like parting with those blades drop a line…

or if you ever were trusting enough to lend them to someone i would love to take them for a spin!!!

been very tempted…but they are hard to get a hold of…