i just love the looks of these beasts. I would love to hear , if anyone in have experience with these otherworldly looking crafts, designed to roam the stormy bering seas…

greatlooking beasts

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this is somewhat modernistic and streamlined..these kayaks are rough water kayaks. If neccesary the kayaker could withdraw into the kayak. Id love to paddle one and build one..i cant help to see the lines that remind me of more typical american and canadian kayaks.
All focus have been on The greenland kayaks and their long evolutionary way into todays modern britstyle kayaks.
there are more interesting designs among these arctic kayaks. ill put in more links..

amazing stuff here…

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and this one from kotzebue sound.intereesting design rollwise. propably more or less selfrighting..

King Island
I’d talk to Harvey Golden over on the Greenland Forum:

Bill H.

very nice
That is the first skin boat that would probably fit me. :wink:

there is a guy

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in norway that built a king island..he claims to have paddled it in 15foot waves etc stuff he would never have dared to go into in a normal seakayak..thats what he says. ive tried to get in touch with the guy.

skin boats
Traditional skin boats (normally called SOF, Skin On Frame) are sized to the paddler, so any will fit you.

Bill H.