Kingfisher photo - handheld

This little guy must have hit the water wrong or something as I think it dislocated it wing. I came upon it shortly afterwards, swimming in circles on the water, unable to fly. It was exhausted and about to drown so I moved it at least to the shore. Maybe mom and dad forgot to tell it to tuck the wings in when you dive in the water.

Great pic… Thanks
They are really fast and elusive around here so pics are rare.

I clicked on the link before I read your description. As a wildlife photographer my first reaction was how in the world did you pull that off. They are one of the hardest birds to get close to in the wild. Hopefully that little guy will be able to recover from his injury. Thanks for sharing…

Either I spend way too much time on the net or we share the same passions.

I first saw this posted on during my daily rounds. Then here.

Kingfishers are my favorite bird. I love their call when they are in flight.

Thanks for sharing in all the right places.

common passions
We do spend too much time on the net and share passions. Do you woodwork also? I am a Canon DLSR nut, but could not post this pic on the Canon forum cuz it was taken with my lil Pentax WP. I really enjoy these racous birds as they fly and chatter. Reminds me of blue jays in a way. I just hope this magnificient critter could somehow survive to adulthood. He left me with a couple of presents on my sprayskirt: a feather and some poop. On this same paddle, we spied a bald eagle flying overhead with a Grebe in its claws, an otter checking us out, countless other kingfishers, herons and ducks, jumping salmon… and at the very end, gale force winds, rain and hail.

Great picture

We have a small bridge over the trout stream in the front yard.

It is about ten feet high above the water, and about thirty feet long, and they always amaze me that they can make it under the bridge as fast as they go.