Kingfisher vs. Osprey 155 canoe?

I’d appreciate feedback from anyone who has used either canoe or compared them for use for fishing. I plan to buy one to use for flyfishing on small rivers, mild camping/recreation, and duck hunting.

Both are similar in length and weight(about 65 lbs in royalex)though the Kingfisher is about 2" wider with its 40" beam. I’m most concerned about initial stability if I have to stand to cast, push pole, or move about. I will probably invest in a lightweight, used 2-3 hp motor or use my trolling motor to get me upstream when the need arises. Any thoughts on these models? Thanks.

Don’t have either…

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...but I do have the Wenonah Fisherman. I stand in it all the time and I've done quite a bit of poling with it. It's a great fly-fishing platform. It's just as stable, initially, as my OT Camper, but more maneuverable and more stable when heeled. It also solos with a paddle much better, but it is 2' shorter so I would expect that. I would think the Kingfisher (being similar to but larger than the Fisherman) would have an abundance of initial stability.

I've looked at the OT Ospreys and they appear to fit the same role for their respective lengths (similar hull shapes) as the Fisherman and Kingfisher. I like that the longer Osprey is a bit narrower than the Kingfisher, but I prefer the way Wenonah hangs their seats and the fact that the wood is oiled (at least, on mine), rather than varnished. The third (solo) seat in the Osprey might be a good thing, especially if you see the need to row the thing (and it has oar sockets) - but I think I'd rather have a carrying thwart. A clamp-on carrying thwart could be added though.

Personally, between the two - I would grab whichever I could get the best deal on. I found my Fisherman used in "like new" condition for good price - not long after I just missed a deal on a Flex-core Kingfisher.

Expect either one to exhibit some oil-canning in royalex. It bothered me at first in the Fisherman, but it's really a non-issue in this type of canoe, IMO.

possible alternative
When I bought my canoe I was seriously leaning towards those two boats also. In ended up buying a Novacraft Bob Special and I’ve never regretted the switch. In fact, I’m very thankful the local canoe shop listened carefully to my needs and showed me the Bob Special. The Bob Special moves through the water a bit easier and turns a bit better. If you will always fish lakes and always have a motor then I think you are on the right track. If however you plan on occasionally fishing streams, and I’m sure you will, you’ll really appreciate the Bob Special. The Bob is also pretty easy to load.

Kingfisher vs. Osprey 155 canoe?
I can’t find a Novacraft or Bell Canoe dealer within 300 miles of Memphis. I can get a 1 yr old Osprey for $800…exc. condition. I don’t mind waiting or spending more…I’ve already bought and resold 2 canoes that weren’t big or stable enough. I can’t find a Kingfisher anywhere to see or try, so all my research has been online and I trust peoples’ experience more than salesperson’s wallet.

Kingfisher vs. Osprey
I have an Osprey 140 and can’t imagine a more stable craft. General use is small lakes but I also go out on the “big lake” (Pend Oreille). Want to test a crafts stability? Take a six-year-old fishing.

oprey 140
bought the osprey and love it so far. Am adding gear to rig it right for small river fly fishing. I may take out center seat to create more room for standing/poling/casting.

I probably will upsize to 155 version for added space but will wait to find a used one. Boat is light, much easier to paddle and maneuver than my old Guide 147, and extremely stable.