Kinzua dam to oil city

A group of us guys are looking to launch at kinzua dam and float to oil city. None Of us have ever done it. Looking for any info like how long it’s gonna take, good camping areas, and any places to watch out for. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

pull up
the river trail on the pfbc’s web site.

IIRC 2.5 days doing 20+ miles a day. You need to find a island near Anthom, and there is a island that has a chunk of wood painted like a dragon on the uphill side that is a 1/2 day from oil city

When are you going?
I’m with another group planning on going from Kinzua about 100 miles down to Emlenton in October. I’m not the trip planner, so I don’t have a lot of details. I know the only rapids of note on the river are the Class II rapids at the bridge over the river in Oil City.

If you go beforehand I’d love to see a trip report.