Kiptopeke State Park

I am looking to go to the Kiptopeke State Park to Kayak-fish-camp the second weekend in October. I am a female traveling alone and would like to know if anyone has been there and is it a safe area, I did read that the fishing is the best on the eastern shore. Can any of you all give me some input into the area, so far this summer, I have been very fortunate as to the areas I have camped and traveled.

Kiptopeke State Park
is a great place. They have cabins, and parked RV’s that you can rent, along with tent sites. I have been circumnavigating the Chesapeake in my kayak, the park is one of my favorite places. I feel it is a safe place. The area is especially popular in Nov and Dec for the stripped bass (rockfish). The sunken barges right off the beach (concrete ships from World War 2) make great fish habitat. There are always plenty of croaker and flounder.

There are good guides there that live in Onancock, which is 55 miles north of the park.

Bill and Mary Burnham (Burnham Guides). Many people on this forum are familiar with them. You can easily google them. They don’t know about fishing, however, but they know the area well.

Email if you have any questions. I will actually be paddling from Onancock northward during the first 2 weeks of October. I should finish the bay on this trip.


What Pete said… it’s a good place and as safe as anyplace. It’s a rural area but has a fair amount of outsiders passing through, so you can never be too sure. But I doubt you will have any problems.

Take care with the tides and winds, and don’t try to paddle into “the mud launch” on the bottom half of the tide. Don’t try to paddle out either, but that will be obvious.