Kirton Inuk Kayak???

Does anyone out there have one of these boats? How would you rate its speed and rough water handling?

I recently found a good deal on one that I could not pass up. it seems that it will be a fast boat in a class with the QCC700 and other similar boats but I can’t find much information on it.

How would you rate its performance in rough water?

The one I got does not have a rudder or a skeg which I find a bit surprising. The information I have seen about this boat on the net seem to indicate that it has a rudder.

Is it intended to have an after market rudder installed?

Does it handle well in winds without a rudder?


Usually does have,
a rudder. Tippier than a Q700, speedwise they are close. The one I tried had the rudder and it was not as good a turner as the Q700. Usually races in the Touring class since it’s longer than 18 feet and narrower than the QCC. All around I found the QCC to be a better boat. Does it have a way to route the cable wires thru the inside?


Not sure
Not sure about how to mount a rudder on it. Seems that the retro kits I have seen are basically “transom” mounts. This boat has a tapered stern.


What Hex Said
I demoed the Inuk a ways back when shopping for an FSK. The older design (Nelo has since tweaked it.)was short on foot room for my size 12s, and the cockpit was odd, more ocean style than keyhole, even with a higher foredeck to allow leg movement.

It has a decent turn of speed-probably in the same range as the Q-Tip, Epic Endurance 18 (not the 18x), Glider, etc. I’m very surprised also this one doesn’t have a rudder, as it’s a strong tracker, slow to turn, and I’ve never seen one that doesn’t have one in either Nelo or Kirton incarnations. Maybe give Grayson at a call and see if one can be easily retrofitted. If not, turning this one might get tiresome. There’s an EFT and an 18x fs on these boards-decent deals, but probably more $ than the Inuk.