Kirton Tercel

I am thinking of purchasing a Kirton Tercel, which is supposed to be marathon trainer. Does anyone have any experience with it? It is very light and I am concerned about durability. I would be getting into this kind of kayak coming from sea kayaking and surfskis. I would appreciate any comments. Thank you!

Depending on the build that you purchase it will be anywhere from 19 to 23 lbs, might they are. durability will not be the same as a sturdy built sea kayak but should suffice for river, sheltered lake paddling (no rock bashing). Even though many manufacturers say these boats are just like a touring class boat, they are not. They are much more tender in chop than a sea kayak or touring class boat. speed wise they usually hold their own against much longer tourers, and as they say, it all depends on the motor. You will need to put airbags or other flotation in them. Catch is narrow which will lend itself to good technique. Kirton builds quality crafts, functional for their intended purpose.

Kirton Tercel
Thanks for the information. I appreciate it.

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a tandem at 30.8 pounds for 4596.90 US Dollars ?

don’t leave this one laying in the driveway.