kit, kit, kit

What’s up with kit? This is America, folks! Speak American!

Be fair . . .
Will you at least admit that the metric system is more versatile than measuring everything in football fields?

OK, just having fun. I make fun of Great Britain too.

My English Ain’t Up To Snuff
say what?


speaker of chinglish

the category of this thread
is “other gear”

NOT “other kit”

How about we call it . . .
More stuff we don’t need but will undoubtedly spend some serious cash on.

I suppose that would be too many football fields (i.e. too long)

First aid KIT, Mess KIT, KIT n’ caboodle…aren’t these American enough?

btw- in my paddling KIT is a vacumm flask and a spray deck.



Pack Up Your Troubles…
…in Your Old Kit Bag and Smile, Smile, Smile (World War I Song) (1917)

Sounds American to me, maybe OLD American… :slight_smile:

Move over Ringo…

Meet Bongo, lead skins man for the Banana Splits on his drum kit:

soccer kit
Ask the English what is in their soccer kit.

I like to live in Amerrrreeka

But Puerto Rico is a lovely island

Kit equals a package with contents…
specific to the task. Gear equals a toothed metal disc that matches another to drive something. Very clunky and unelegant and quite often greasy. On another note, American isn’t a language, but English is. Say no to the corrupters of this fine language and call it what it is, a kit which contains items useful to the task. Say no to the hayseeds and bowry bums that like their gears as greasy as the language they did not invent.

Augustus Dogmaticus


American English is a legit dialect

– Last Updated: Jan-04-07 1:06 PM EST –

of British English. Heck, Modern British English is an evolved form of the creole that developed from combining Old English (A West Germanic Language devoloped from Old Saxon, along with Old Norse influence) and Norman French. English is a very evolving language. Since English language has no official governing body similar to the Academie Francais, there is no "official" or "unofficial" English. Therefore my Urban Southeast Texas Sub-sub-sub-sub-dialect of English is as legitimate as the language that Queen Elizabeth herself speaks, I tell you wut!

I prefer EBONICS
as the OFFICIAL language of the U.S. of A.

“It’s okay, stewardess, I speak jive.”

Bit of a Sticky Wickett wot?
Open the Bonnet, and adjust the horizontal with a proper spanner, ya bloody Yank!..

…an’ don’t get yer Alans all awad!

Queen Elizabeth
God save her.

Send her victorious, happy and glorious . . .

Everything Free in Amereeeka
for a small fee in Amereeeeka

What We Call Our Shtuff
rhymes with ‘kit’.

I believe it was Churchill
who said " the English and Americans are two peoples seperated by a common language"

A truck a lorry.

A sausage is a banger.

The hood of a car is a bonnet.

The top of a car is the hood.

The trunk is the boot.

A convertible is a drop head coupe.

A sedan is a saloon.

A saloon is a pub.

What does blimey mean?