Kite Kayaking

Does anybody have experience using a kite to cover distance. It looks like an inexpensive way to sail kayak.

I see Wind Power Sports has 2 suggested choices.

I’d be interested in hearing any recommendations. I kayak large reservoirs, the Hudson River and Narraganset Bay mostly.

no kites for me
I have never used a kite, but have used pop up sails. I suspect with a kite you could only go downwind, as you don’t have any way for the boat to bite into the water to keep from just being pulled sideways (and the pull could possibly flip you pretty easily).

For downwind, I’d probably stick to something like the Wind paddle sails (I have one) or the one from Advanced Elements.

If you are looking to sail cross wind, then you may want to look at one of the more advanced sales (Flat Earth, etc.). Some of these come with drop down dagger boards. I’ve not used any of these, except at demo days.

A kayak with a rudder is much easier than one without. I have used the Wind Paddle on boats without, but it is a bit of work to stern rudder with your paddle while holding the sail up.

I have a parafoil kite.

It’s a lot of fun to use, but tricky to control in a single kayak like mine. (I use a SOF with no rudder or skeg.)

It would work better if I had a rudder, or even better in a tandem.

Another option
I am a little slow to reply here, but I can tell you would love to try a Falcon Sail.


If you think you will like kayak sailing, you will love kayak sailing.

Use Kites like a Water proof self bailing kite called the Hydra from HQ… three string kite for take offs from the water … excellent … I also use a four string quad foil for land and sea… goes nice and fast… even a little up wind, has a wind window that the kite fly’s in and there are spots that are faster and stronger than the sides… check out some video on U-tube…