Kite Sail

I have found several places that sell kite sails, like the kind kite surfers use, for kayaks, canoes, and similar sized boats. Currently I am down to two choices, but would like input from people who have used one. Here is a link to one type, a single line kite

and a link to a more conventional kiteboard sail

If you have any other ideas about a source for this type of kite or which one is a better choice please share them with me.

I hope you’ve got a perfect roll, you’ll be swimming a bunch I suspect :slight_smile:

Bill H.

Can you roll with a kite line attached to the deck? I wonder…

The one person I know who used a kite also kept a sharp knife on deck to cut it loose if things got dicey, which happened from time to time. Not sure if he got the kites back.

I have a parafoil kite that I bought for my kayak and I have played with a small trainer kite for kite boarding.

The single line parafoil kite is the one you want. It is a blast. It is also challenging to control as you are being towed and requires a confident paddler.

The kite boarding kites work well for their intended purpose, but you would probably find yourself with the (required) two hands on the towbar as you are pulled sideways. It would resemble the walrus pull skill as practiced by the greenland rollers.

I don’t use mine anymore. Call me if interested

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good point
Good point Carl :slight_smile:

I think, specially looking at the kites listed, that it would be awfully easy to be wildly overpowered and control would then be nearly non-existant. A very sharp knife is probably a good idea.

Bill H.

Thanks for sharing your experience Jerry. I have watched lots of vids on Youtube and they all seem to mirror your comments. One thing I have noticed is that using a modified sea anchor makes things much easier. One example I saw was using an empty can with foam inside to keep it from sinking.

I have a long history of sailing big boats, small boats, multi-hulls, and sail boards. My experience with control has been that a fair wind makes control easy, while a strong gusty wind is a lot harder to control.

My goal is to be able to fly a small or medium size kite if the wind is fair and conditions are good. I would also like to have a kite for high wind conditions that I could go out an play in and not worry about getting wet.

I will give you a call later today.