Kiwi Caribe - good clear bottom choice??

Novice kayaker,and have been looking for first kayak for Pensacola Beach House. I would like a tandem to use in gulf so a variable degree of surf would be present. Also thought clear bottom would be cool, and came across Kiwi Clear Bottom Caribe on-line. I know next to nothing about kayaks, would this be a good choice and would a clear bottom even really provide any worthwhile view? Or is there a better choice out there? We are avg sized adults 5’4" to 5’11" and under 165 pounds. Thank you for taking time to respond!

Before you buy demo. There is a great shop right off Barracas called pensecola sail and kayak. I visit my inlaws in pensecola at least twice a year. I go to the shop to rent, but he ususally lets me take out a kayak for a couple of hours and calls it a free demo. I usually wind up buying gear I need from him because I feel so guilty for such a long demo. They have a pretty good selection. I am not sure if a glass bottom boat is worth while. My guess is the beach landings would eventually scratch the plexi and make it less than clear. Hey the gulf waters are pretty clear and some good polarized lens woudld make looking it to the water just as good.

Remember this is not a canoe, paddling a tandem alone is only possible in almost no wind conditions and never in surf.

Likely will be much better off with two singles.

Bill H.

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good to know, i didn’t realize that you can’t solo a tandem and often that would be the case. Prob should simplify things and go with a single and forget about the clear bottom, too. Any rec of what i should look at for gulf use? tx for previous advice! christopher

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If you are launching from your backyard. Which I gather you are because you said beach house, I would look at a decent sit on top. Forgiving in the surf and self bailing. The panhandle has some decent surf some days, so it might be fun to get something you could surf with. Maybe boat in the 12-14ft range. Find a shop where you like the people and ask what they are paddling.

Side note there are a few rec tandems that will paddle single. The old town dirigo works ok. I am think wilderness systems has one as well.

Ryan L.