Klamath Lake

anyone canoe Klamth Lake in S. Oregon? i know hwy 97 runs along it’s eastern shore but, is it possible to paddle and camp along the western shoreline of the lake? thanks!

Rocky Point
Check out the “canoe trail” just north of the Rocky Point resort. There’s a several mile stretch of shore with passages through marshy vegetation (with Indian Pond lilies … nice, waxy looking blossoms).

It’s a scenic area and is somewhat protected from winds coming from the south and west because the forested shoreline (boundary layer). You can launch from the resort area or drive a few miles north to put in and canoe south to it.

Been there done that. It’s not bad
if you don’t mind motorboats and paddling in a big lake far from shore. You can paddle around the shore marshes but I’d suggest a GPS or you can quickly get lost.

look to the tributaries
The lakes (Klamath, Upper Klamath, and Agency) are huge and shallow. If the big water excites you go early in the year to avoid the algae – along with the algae’s late-season “bouquet” and all the mosquitos that breed in it.

Much better to do the tributaries: the Wood River; the Williamson River; and the aforementioned canoe trail on Recreation and Crystal Creeks (I’ve not done the Williamson as it has access “issues” but can attest to the others).

The water in these tributaries literally bubbles out of the ground from underground lava tubes and the tributaries are crystal clear and algae free.

I’ve never known powerboats to be a problem, although a seaplane once scared the bejesus out of me when it landed in front of me near Rocky Point.