Klemtu 2 Port Hardy 2017

Here is a report on a solo trip I took this Summer on the BC Coast

Great writing and paddling, Jon. It was a fascinating read, starting with the gang of Germans all the way to Red Sand Beach (mein gott!). Really felt bad for your experiences there. But you did describe them with a great sense of humor.

Thanks for sharing your journey to places I’ll never go. Such fascinating history. I wonder who maintains Pauline Jackson’s pretty gravestone. Were those footprints 2,000 or 13,200 years old? Sorry the mice got your jerky but even more sorry to read about slobs who trash beautiful remote places.

I had never heard of Kayak Bill. That’s my next stop on your blog.

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I’m pleased you enjoyed it. I’ve been reaching out to learn more about the Jackson Cabin. I’ve heard some refer to it as the “Church Cabin” and that the Jackson’s took Heiltsuk kids up there until they got too old. Not sure. There is another “Church Cabin” a bit north that I haven’t visited though friends have. I’m not sure if the two are getting mixed up. It is sometimes tough to sort out what’s what and to gain the trust of someone who will actually tell you.

The archaeological finds on Triquet and Calvert and their interpretation fascinates me. Many questions around the carbon dating, sea level, isostatic rebound, etc. I suggest a search on the Milbanke Strandflat, Dundas Island, its hinge and glacial load as a primer… Also First Nation’s oral history of the area. Makes good reading. I try to feature a few of the links but there are so many others.

MIce are born to be little bastards. I didn’t mention two other rodent assaults I endured on this trip.

Regarding Kayak Bill…I suggest taking a look at Neil Frazer’s article first and then read Keith Webb’s. I’m one of the four Seattle kayakers that Keith refers to. An unusual guy. It’s made for interesting trip planning.



Thanks for the tips. Will start with Frazer.

Lovely write up Jon & some very nice photos in there. Thanks!

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@Seadddict said:
Lovely write up Jon & some very nice photos in there. Thanks!

Thank you